“Be grateful for the opportunities you get and don’t let them pass by.”


Tim, 22 years old, head coach of a youth team: “I have been playing football for 17 years now. 7 years ago I decided to become a coach through various training courses. Exercise is a fun leisure activity and it can create good friendships. In addition, it is good for your motor and mental development.

When I was a kid, I always dreamed of playing in a first team club. I managed to do that some years ago and I really enjoyed it. I also desire to become a head coach at a professional club. I hope to reach this objective in 5 years time. In order to accomplish this, I have to dedicate and really push myself. However, I believe this is really worth the investment! Long days and hard work, but because I want it, it doesn’t take me that much effort. I love doing it! ”