We are the new generation
The new kids on the block
We’re not going to wait around for shit to happen
We try, we fail, we learn
We stand back up in order to become
the best version of ourselves

But we can’t do it alone

We won’t do it alone
We need each other
to bring our generation to an even higher level

So get up and be with us!
Be a BRO to be proud of
A BRO to love
and a BRO who respects

Dare to be different

and help yourself and the BRO*S achieve glory


head coach youth team in the Netherlands

“Be grateful for the opportunities you get and don’t let them pass by.”


youth football player at a professional club

“In sports, everyone is the same. Whether you’re rich or poor, young or old; everyone is treated equally and given the respect they deserve.”


student and football agent

“Sports is most definitely one of the best things the human race has invented!”


student and active athlete

“Sport is not only beneficial for our body, it can also help our psychological side.”